2019 Saskatoon Corporate Challenge
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WMCZ Spirit and Sportsmanship Awards

A core part of the Saskatoon Corporate Challenge that separates us from other Corporate Challenges is our large focus on spirit and sportsmanship.

WMCZ Spirit Award

The WMCZ Spirit Award will be awarded to the company that demonstrates the most preparation and commitment to the Saskatoon Corporate Challenge. This is not mandatory, but a great way to get your team members engaged and excited about the Corporate Challenge. Your team can participate in all or some of the WMCZ Spirit Challenges below to earn points.

Winner of the WMCZ Spirit Award will be announced at the Finale Party and awarded a trophy and a secret prize to be announced!!

Team Picture Challenge

In this challenge, use your creativity! Take a picture and incorporate the Saskatoon Corporate Challenge Logo into it. The picture could be of how you are training for the Corporate Challenge, what you are using for inspiration, or anything else you feel will speak to people.  All pictures must be sent to brett@sparkbookings.com by NOON on August 30th where they will then be uploaded to the Saskatoon Corporate Challenge facebook page. The winner will be determined by the number of “likes”. Our facebook page is public so anyone can access it and we encourage you to get your friends, families, co-workers to check out the photos and “like” yours. Voting will end at NOON on Wednesday September 11th.

Points will be as follows:

  • Most amount of likes: 10 Points
  • 2nd Place – 9 Points
  • 3rd Place – 8 Points
  • 4th Place – 7 Points
  • 5th Place – 6 Points
  • 6th and on – 5 Points

Jersey it up

If your team sports jerseys or uniforms for the Saskatoon Corporate Challenge, you will automatically be awarded 10 points. Wear your jerseys to all the events to really build your brand!!

Fundraising Challenge

Each company has the ability to receive 5 Spirit Award points for any amount of funds that are donated to SPCA. All money raised will be donated directly to SPCA and any donation over $20 is eligible for a tax receipt. Deadline to donate funds is NOON on September 11th. Instructions to donate will be sent to your Captain. All donations will be tracked effectively and your team will be awarded the Spirit Points.

Dog/Cat Food Donation

Donate items to Saskatoon SPCA and you will automatically be awarded 5 Spirit Award Points. You need to donate at least one standard dog or cat food bag to qualify. How do you provide proof of the donation? Take ONE picture of you donating and email it to brett@sparkbookings.com. All photos will be used on our facebook, twitter and media feeds. Great way to showcase your goodwill in the community! You can start on this challenge today, and the deadline to submit your photo is NOON on September 11th.

Instructions to Donate:

  • Take your donation of food and toy to Saskatoon SPCA – 5028 Clarence Ave, Grasswood, SK
  • Don’t forget to take a picture of you donating and email it to brett@sparkbookings.com. Please just send one email with all your pictures of the donations attached.

Blood Drive Challenge

Sign up your company and donate blood to the Canadian Blood Services any time prior to NOON on September 11th and you will receive points. Sign up with Canadian Blood Services and they will determine how many donations you need to receive points, based on the number of employees you have! Please do not donate on a day you are competing in any challenges!

To book a donation, speak to your Captain. They have been in contact with Jeff Martel from Canadian Blood Services with all the details.

Sportsmanship Award

You will be competing for a prestigious Sportsmanship Award! Compete with enthusiasm and drive, but be sure to be kind to the other companies! After every nights event, your Captain will submit the team name of the company that expressed the most sportsmanlike conduct that night. One point will be awarded for each vote, and you will find out at the Finale Party who will win an awesome prize.

Email brett@sparkbookings.com with ONE company name that was most sportsmanlike each night following the event.

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